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Snorkeling and SCUBA diving.   Pristine coral reefs and unspoiled waters surround the island. Diving is just a 5 minute boat ride offshore to the 7,000 foot vertical wall. Whale sharks are known to cruise the waters of the Turks Islands Passage along the wall, relentlessly enchanting divers. Local Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine has rated Salt Cay in the top 100 in the world as 'best wall diving. Salt Cay also ranked in the top 5 in the world under the categories: Top Dive Destination ,Top Macro Life, Top Fish Life, Top Advanced Diving , Healthiest Marine Life and Top Underwater Photography. Please contact Salt Cay Divers at saltcaydivers.com

Cultural heritage.  Salt Cay is a cultural treasure, featuring remnants of the 19th-century salt industry, with its windmills relics, salt sheds and salinas.   

Birdwatching.  The salt salinas on Salt Cay are host to many native species and, in season, many migratory species. Native and migrating wading and water birds gather in the mangrove and low tidal areas on the south side of the island, inner salinas and the beaches ringing the island.  

Whalewatching.  Humpback whales migrate through Salt Cay every year from January through April.  They can be clearly seen from shore or by booking a whale watching tour.

The beaches.  Above all, the unspoiled beaches are a must!!!

Cotton Cay.  This island is adjacent to Salt Cay and is a short trip, by boat. A must see. Some pictures of this island are available here. (CLICK HERE).  Excursions may be arranged by contacting us or Candy Herwin at piratequeen3@hotmail.com


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